Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11 of the 250 Word Prompt

"While on a camping trip, a little boy strays from his family and happens upon a carnival in the middle of nowhere."

Bright orange and black wings, lightly fluttering, mesmerized young Daniel.  He reached his 6-year-old hand toward the butterfly as it moved slowly from flower to flower, teasingly out of grasp of the boy.  Daniel followed along the path of the butterflies’ flight, completely unaware he had moved out of range of his mother’s distracted view.  The path grew darker the farther into the trees he ventured, his eyes still locked onto the big wings that glided effortlessly through the air.

The trees opened into a bright field, and Daniel’s attention to the butterfly was instantly replaced by the bright lights swirling around overhead; and bright costumes swirling around his small frame in an exotic dance.  A woman wearing an intoxicatingly vibrant purple skirt, sun yellow blouse, and shimmering scarf around her head, twirled about the young man.  The sound from the tiniest symbols Daniel had imagined existed, tinkled as the gypsy woman clicked her thumbs and fingers together, hypnotizing the youngster.  Daniel began twirling with her, averting his eyes from the symbols to the dress to the smooth skin and dark eyes that captivated him.  

Just as magically as she had appeared, the gypsy disappeared, and the boy was greeted by a rather large, round man, not much taller than Daniel.  He smiled slyly at the boy. Dressed in black pants, blood red jacket, and a hat that added another two feet onto the man’s height, he stood in front of the boy more as a playmate than an adult.  Daniel gazed into the same dark eyes as the gypsy woman, however, they had a glint of mischievousness in them, as the ringmaster lead the boy to a rather large tent.  Daniel peered inside, wary at first, until he caught sight of the most wonderful things he had ever beheld in his vast 6 years of life….


  1. Ooh very good. Such vivid detail. I'm behind again! But I will catch up. :)

  2. Really detailed. I feel if a young boy were to encounter a circus for the first time, the most important detail would be the colors. It feels really realistic.

    The only thing that feels awkward is the line "6-year-old hand". Otherwise, it's great.


  3. Your first sentence so effectively created a magic environment. I was ready for a marvelous fantasy world. Nice.