Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14 of the 250 Word Prompt

"During his third night out of town, a man traveling on business discovers a voodoo doll in his hotel room." 

Jack flung himself onto the bed in his hotel room, grabbed the remote from the side table and turned the TV on simply to break up the monotony of silence around him.  For the third day in a row, he had met with customers bombarding him with questions and accusations regarding the recent news report claiming his company’s flu vaccine actually caused a highly resistant strain of the virus in patients that had been injected.
“Damn that fucking swine, Carlisle Older, and his ‘investigative reporting,’” Jack cursed to the ceiling.  This is not how he had planned to spend his first visit to New Orleans.  He wanted food, fun, and frolicking with scantily clad women whom he could talk into returning with him for a night cap of cheap tequila in his one-night-stand pad just off Bourbon Street.  Now, he would be emailing, texting, and calling the home office, unloading a barrage of complaints from doctors, and obtaining guidance on how to handle the next round of inquiries.

Sitting at the round table, his cell phone to his ear, he placed the pen in his mouth as he grabbed the legal pad from his briefcase.  Without realizing it, Jack inadvertently bit down a little too hard, snapping the pen in half, and causing him to spat in out.

“Shit!” he yelled into the phone, much to the surprise of his regional manager on the other end.  Apologizing profusely, Jack began searching through the drawers of the bedside table, looking for the complimentary Bic.  His hand came across a ragged doll, made of some type of burlap, void of any distinguishing characteristics, such as eyes, nose, mouth, or even hair.  Pinned to the front was discolored paper; a handwritten message, or poem, scrawled upon it.  

Jack finished up his phone call, and plopped back down on the bed, peering curiously at the doll that was just slightly larger than his hand.  Fingering the note, he carefully pulled out the pin that held it in place, as he reads aloud:

“You need only state the name, and make your mark upon the doll.  Once the request has been made, the wish will be granted. But Heed These Words: The revenge you seek has consequences past your own thirst for retribution.  Once the choice to go forward has been made, you may never return to this place in time, and you will be forever changed.  Do not become that which you seek to destroy.”
Jack’s eyes glaze over as a salacious, evil smile fills his face.  Without considering the ominous curse he has just proclaimed, he grabs the pin and thrusts it deep into the chest of the doll.

“Carlisle Older,” he states clearly, and the room instantly goes dark.


  1. I've been so busy finishing up the first draft of my latest WIP that I'm failing my own challenge! Thank you for doing this and I'm enjoying each one of your pieces! :)

  2. This was a nice start to what might be a great story. I like the way your mind works, muhahahahah.

  3. Hah--New Orleans! PLEASE CONSIDER THIS A STORY---I actually want to hear more!