Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 18 of the 250 Word Prompt

Playing catch-up...

"A man driving from St. Louis to Kansas City in the middle of a snowstorm spots someone walking along side of the road."

The snow was coming down so hard and fast, it was nearly impossible for Bill to ascertain if he was even on the actual road or not.  Cursing his wife under his breathe (and also his own inability to put his foot down), he continued the trek from St. Louis to his home in Kansas City.  Bill was sure that his son would understand why Bill could not make it to the birthday celebration, but his wife, Emily, had insisted that the eight-year-old would be scarred for life without his father there to help blow out the eight candles on top of the Avengers cake.

The light from his headlights bounced off a figure moving slowly in the snow, and Bill rubbed his eyes, ensuring he had actually seen correctly.  “What the hell is that all about?  What idiot would be out walking in this storm?”  Bill muttered to himself.  He continued along at his snail’s pace, while glancing in the rear view mirror at the figure lumbering along the shoulder of the road.  The Christian upbringing pounced on him, engulfing him in a deep sense of guilt, and forcing him to slow to a stop.

Opening the passenger side door, the man leaned over and popped his head just inside.  He had a scarf around his face and head, but the man’s nose and upper cheeks, which were exposed, where bright red.  Ice had collected on his eye brows, giving the man a near comical appearance.

“Hop in,” Bill remarked.

“Thanks,” the man offered, as he fell into the seat, and hastily closed the door.

“Where to?” Bill asked, pressing slightly on the accelerator.

“Just up the road a bit,” the man stated rather mysteriously, and Bill glanced at him with a quizzical look.  The man smiled, and offered, “There will be a horrible accident just up here; a car that slid into the back of an 18 wheeler, pinning the driver in the car.  I will need to take him home to meet my Father.”


  1. Ooo, interesting! I like they way you went with this

  2. This could be expanded into a nice short story. Like the idea.