Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 26 of the 250 Word Prompt

"A teenage boy wakes in a hospital bed finds himself paralyzed from the neck down with no memory of his past."

Why me?!  Why did this happen to me?!

The overly-broad questions seem appropriate to almost every circumstance in the young man’s present situation.  The Young Man.  That is what people had first called him, until the nurses took pity on the pained looked that crossed the young man’s face every time someone used the term as his name.  So they named him Mac, short for MacCallister, which is the river he had been pulled from three weeks ago.

Mac.  The nameless young man  who no one knows.  Not even Mac knows who he is.  His reality centers around these simple, undeniable facts; 17-year-old no-name kid rescued from a raging river after some sort of accident who now sits in a hospital, with legs that will not move, and a brain that refuses to provide relief.  The only thing that is a constant in his life are the many questions that rattle around in his head, causing cavernous-type echoes, that eventually fall silent and unanswered.

Someone had to know him, right?  Someone had to be missing him.  Were his parents out there somewhere trying to find him?  Had they been involved in the same accident, with less favorable outcomes?

Once the questions started coming, they picked up steam, and continued down a track that led nowhere except a deep, dark hole that offered no light, no love, and potentially no future.  

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