Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catching Up...Two New Book Reviews

In Session:

From The Back Cover:

IN SESSION from international bestseller M.J. Rose, features the return of Dr. Morgan Snow, in a brand-new story collection!  As a therapist specializing in sexual issues, psychiatrist Dr. Morgan Snow isn't easily shocked, or shaken, as readers of the popular "Butterfield Institute" novels know. There are times, however, when the need for her services leads her out of the office... and into unfamiliar worlds.  In these stories the therapist matches her wits -and her training - against three men of mystery: Jack Reacher, John Rain, and Cotton Malone.  Those characters are, of course, familiar to readers as the creations, respectively, of NYT bestselling authors Lee Child, Barry Eisler, and Steve Berry. All three swore that their characters would never agree to therapy - unless Rose found a way to get then there. And she did.  In EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES with Steve Berry's Cotton Malone, a woman seeks help for her lover, and sends Dr. Snow overseas on a most unusual house call....  DECISIONS, DECISIONS where Barry Eisler's John Rain forces Dr. Snow out of her own comfort zone, and into the world of a former patient's worst nightmare...  And KNOWING YOU'RE ALIVE with Lee Child's Jack Reacher results in revelations for both the injured Dr. Snow, and her unexpected savior/patient...

My Two Cents:

Interesting concept - taking three very masculine, well-known characters from other fiction, and placing them in situations where they are talking to a sex therapist about sex!  The short stories are an easy read; I was able to get through all three in an afternoon.  The premise behind Dr. Snow meeting and engaging the three characters was very interesting (and apparently received the seals of approval from each characters creator).  This would be a great read for anyone - not just women.  Guys who are fans of any (or all) of the characters would enjoy the read without having to worry about "mushy love stuff" or highly-charged erotica.  The characters seem to be in their usual elements - with a twist.  Very enjoyable read...and all the proceeds of the audio book and a share of the proceeds of the ebook will be donated to David Baldacci's Wish You Well Foundation, supporting family literacy. (!  Win-Win!

I give it    and a 

Paradise Hops:

From the Back Cover:

A brutal attack left Lori Brockton convinced she was damaged goods. By the time she emerges from hiding two years later, ready to run her family's famous brewery, she's determined to be independent--never rely on anyone ever again. Nearly a year of working in every corner of Brockton Brewing Company, from warehouse to pub, front office to kitchen, teaches her all she needs to know about the business. Then, she comes face-to-face with masculine perfection in a suit and her world is rocked in more ways than one. Garret Hunter is the new Brockton business manager who takes one look at the beautiful, sad young woman and his entire existence coalesces around winning her heart.  But standing between Garrett and what he believes is his true love, is a six-feet six-inch blond-haired bad boy brewer.  Eli Buchannan is a craft beer rock star, recently hired by Brockton to drag the company into the 21st century. He brings innovation and attitude plus a prima donna ladies' man reputation. But he's sworn off anything resembling commitment, personal or professional, after getting burned at his last job on both fronts.  Garret Hunter is "The Perfect Man" -- handsome, successful, stable, eager to settle down. Eli Buchannan... is not. Compelling, smoking hot, creative and elusive, he represents everything Lori Brockton should avoid. But just as she makes a difficult choice, a drastic life-changing shift occurs, and nothing is ever the same again.

My Two Cents:

Even with advanced warning that author Liz Crowe throws a wrench in traditional romance story-telling, and does not wholly subscribe to the "hearts and flowers" concept, I was thrown for a loop, and somewhat shaken, by this book.  The twist was indeed a surprise, leaving me in tears.  

The love triangle was great - Bad boy, Eli; Perfect man, Garrett; and confused and injured, Lori.  I loved that they were all flawed in their own ways, even Lori (who I wanted to kick in the butt, sometimes).  It was real, and not contrived, and the emotions she went through with each man, as well as overcoming her own fears of intimacy induced by terror from her past, was well-thought-out and written.  It's romance for real life.  I found myself cheering for Lori and Garrett when they were together, and really mad at her when her thoughts turned to Eli...until she was thrown together with Eli.  Then I was all about the bad boy (do we ever grow out of that?).

I was intrigued that the lead female took an interest in a male centered career, and one that I know very little about.  It is obvious Ms. Crowe knows her beer...I mean, knows a great deal about brewing. 

I give it    and a  

FRIDAY:  Book review of Lycan Unleashed, a paranormal romance by Tiffany Allee.  Then I will be giving romance a rest for a little while, and looking at some thrillers...


  1. Both books sound intriguing.As a Jack Reacher fan, I will definitely have to read "Sessions."

  2. I listened to "In Session" - was disappointed it was so short but what can one expect for that fabulous price? My favorite and most developed character was, of course, Jack Reacher. M.J. Rose did a good job of capturing the characters of 3 other writers. And was pretty clever about how she had Dr. Morgan Snow approach each one.