Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book Review Tuesday: The Beggar Bride

The Beggar Bride:

From the Back Cover:

Angela Harper’s life has never been simple. She’s an orphan who spent her childhood in foster homes. Her handsome, charming husband Billy can’t hold down a job. And they’re both stuck in a grimy London flat with no prospects for their future beyond the periodic welfare check. That is, until Ange concocts a lie that will change their lives. Her con targets the wealthy, twice-divorced businessman Fabian Ormerod, whom, with the approval of her husband, she is determined to trick into a very advantageous marriage—with a quick divorce to follow.

My Two Cents:

 This is from the same author, Gillian White, as my last review and I must say that while I enjoyed that book - The Beggar Bride is my favorite.  This had a more romantic feel to it, and I vacillated between wanting Ange to stay with Billy, whom she was crazy in love with, but at the same time hoping that poor unlucky-in-love Fabian could also win her heart.  I was happy with how White addressed the feelings at the conclusion, and really saw no other way for everyone's happiness.  Still...I felt a little pang for the "one-not-chosen."

From nearly the first page, my heart pounded throughout the entire book.  From feeling the desperation of Ange and Billy, urging them on in their very deceitful quest, through the fear and anguish of discovery and concluding with the worry and hopelessness of potentially losing a child, I could not turn the pages fast enough.  The prevailing thought throughout this entire book - who do you trust when you are also a great deceiver?  My stomach was in knots!!  

Aside from it being a great thriller, it is also extremely thought provoking.  I struggled with wanting Ange to succeed, all the while feeling horrible for the family being deceived.  It made me wonder how far I would go to improve my life, and the lives of my family, and at what point does the justification no longer outweigh the cost to the ones being conned. 

The wrap-up was a bit rushed, and seemed expected; however, I liked it and felt that it was the only way for it to end.  I also loved that there were loose ends...poor old Helena, and those mysterious twins!  Sequel??

I give this    and a 

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