Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Review: Muckross Folly

By:  JJ Austgen
A Mystery/Thriller

From the Back Cover:

Reeling from the destruction of her team at the hands of her deputy, FBI agent Evelyn Morgan vows revenge against her nemesis, the assassin that planned the operation, Omar Ben Iblis. The trail leads to an old friend, well-connected and well placed in Washington's political establishment. When he refuses to help, Morgan must scramble to find the pieces to the puzzle. While investigating, she discovers a vicious new menace, more cunning and deadly than anyone she has ever faced. Trained and mentored by Ben Iblis, this new threat has already struck her family, and if Morgan doesn't act quickly, she'll be the talented protégé's next victim.

My Two Cents:

Two incredibly formidable women, on two different sides of the law.  Eve Morgan, the FBI’s “tough as nails” operative, is on the trail of her long-time nemesis, Ben Iblis.  Iblis, who has decided it is time to retire from his very lucrative career as a hired gun, mentors the up-and-coming, take-no-prisoners, Penelope Morelli.  Morgan, who is trying desperately to deal with the loss of the man she loved, and the sudden reappearance of a father whom she has not spoken to in many years, and has never been close to, follows the assassins to Ireland for the ultimate showdown. 

High suspense and drama with every page, this book has no down time at all.  I was wiped out trying to keep up with Eve, as she tracked down terror cells and assassins on a mere 4-5 hours of sleep over a two week period.  Austgen does a great job making the reader feel as if they are walking down the halls of the Hoover Building, and eavesdropping on the FBI (which, who doesn’t want to do that?!).  I was a little taken back by the stereotype of the Navy “girl in every port,” which was a bit overplayed.  This, however, did not detract from the overall story.  The cliffhanger ending left me eager for the next installment.  I am totally geared up for the Morgan v. Morelli fight club event, and intrigued by where Vogul will end up fitting into Eve’s life.  Then there is also the potential of Keller reappearing, which will make Eve’s life more difficult…

I give this            and a                                                                                

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