Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Review: Hunted

By: Jaycee Clark

From the Back Cover:

Sins can be buried, but they’re never forgotten . . .

Morgan Gaelord has lived with the knowledge of her past and the fear of her secret for years. No one knows the truth behind her nightmares in the hellish Czech Republic underground, and they never will. She’s carved a life for herself, helping her brothers run the family antiquities business. Nothing and no one is taking this slice of contentment away from her.

Lincoln Blade III, owner of the premier Blade Jewelers, has put his past behind him. Retired from his days with InterPol and undercover operations, he’s enjoying the corporate side of life. He’s spent years in the cesspools of society, helping the lucky escape, and he has no intention of being dragged back.

But someone from both their pasts changes that. Women who escaped the world of sex slaves are being hunted and eliminated. When the victims are linked to Blade and his past, he’s forced back into a role he’d vowed to leave behind, and both he and Morgan must trust each other before the killer reaches his final target.

My Two Cents:

A young woman kidnapped and thrust into the world of sex slavery, physically rescued from hell, only to find freedom of body does not always equate to freedom of mind, heart, and soul.  Add to that the ruthless kidnapper who cannot seem to let her go, vows to find her, and then kill her – this is a scary book!  This is not a book you want to read as you are travelling abroad on vacation with your girlfriends.

I was captivated by this story even though it scared the crap out of me, and made me want to reconsider going overseas…most definitely will not be going to the Czech Republic anytime soon!  The daring rescue was just the tip of the iceberg.  The real suspense came in accompanying Morgan on a journey of inner turmoil as she tried to readjust to life.  Her shame that made it impossible to tell her family what she had endured; her family demanding answers of where she had been, why she had not called, while attempting to decipher the cryptic messages of her horrifying nightmares tore at my heart, and produced a few tears.

And just when you think Morgan may find peace; the sadistic pimp decides to reclaim her.  The thrills and chills in this book intensified as it went along.  Big kudos for not making the pimp some rotten-toothed, beer-gut, stinky guy.  I think he was portrayed perfectly as an Adonis - a lesson in judging a book by its cover.  Linc was the epitome of perfect protector.  Morgan redefined ‘the strength of women’.

I give this    and a 

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