Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Most Amazing Thing

Every once in a while you come across a person that makes you smile…all the time.  They have an unlimited amount of charm, ooze personality, with the ability to turn even the most mundane into “laugh out loud” moments.  

I met that person 14 years ago today…

She was ready to enter the world, and waited for no one – not even her doctor.  She decided not to put her mother through the rigors of a long labor with hours of pushing (for which I am eternally grateful).  I was told to push, then immediately to hold my breath, and then introduced to 8lbs of pure joy – Courtney had arrived.

To say she has always been sassy is like saying women sort of like chocolate.  No matter what she was wearing, the girl would stand with her hand on her hip and a butt cheek hanging out of her diaper.  
No. Matter. What. 

Over the years, I became accustomed to people telling me Courtney was as sweet as honey, with a certain sparkle in her mischievous brown eyes.  Nothing could have prepared me for the end of her first week at preschool, when we walked in to a chorus of children singing, “COURTNEY!” and running towards us, all trying to be the first to give her a hug.  My generous little ringlet covered girl had a smile for every one of them.

Not much has changed…she held the title of Little Miss Personality for many years, and has now exchanged that for Miss Social Butterfly.  She is taking many upper level courses in school, but has already completed her degree in texting with a master’s in social media.  

I often wonder what tomorrow will bring.  I am so looking forward to first dates, prom, graduation.  And while all of that is great – I am sometimes melancholy wishing time would slow down so I can have my little girl for a while longer.  She is growing into such an amazing young woman…but I miss my sassy little hipster that was so proud of her butt… 

Every once in a while your life is touched - perhaps only for a brief moment - by someone who brings joy with the simplicity of a dimpled smile.  I have been blessed with that joy every day for the past 14 years…how lucky am I?


  1. Love, love, love. Now get me a tissue...sniff.. sniff.

  2. Well said and so very true. She is a rock star!!!!!