Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 21 of the 250 Word Prompt

Rounding third...home is in sight!!

"While vacationing at a dude ranch, a wealthy business tycoon's daughter falls in love with a young cowboy."

She inhaled deeply, and nearly choked, as the smell of manure invaded her nostrils.  She gave her best friend, Becca, a dirty look, one among the many since they had de-planed in Denver and climbed into the almost clean pick-up truck from the ranch just east of Estes Park.  This was all Becca’s fault, and she would never forgive her best friend.

“What is that God-awful smell?!” Kaylie exclaimed as the middle-aged man took her suitcase from the bed of the truck, and lead them into the main building of the “Flying Z Dude Ranch.”

“Why, that is fresh mountain air, Little Lady,” Bob stated emphatically, smiling.  “You may not recognize it without all that smog you are used to in the big city.”

“Smells like shit to me, Bob,” Kaylie replied, as she covered her mouth and nose with her hand.  Becca elbowed her friend in the ribs, and returned the dirty look.  But Bob just chuckled, and shook his head, continuing into the lobby before turning the girls over to a rather short, round woman who introduced herself as Betty.  Becca and Kaylie waited until the woman looked down at her reservation book before they snickered, and simultaneously mouthed, “Betty and Bob.”

Kaylie’s heart was not in Colorado; it was sitting on the beach in Cabo working diligently at reminding her ex-boyfriend of her scantily clad, high end bikini, fake tanned virtues.  Spring Break in the mountains, on a horse had not been high on her list of acceptable alternatives.  But Becca, in cahoots with Kaylie’s father, had worked a deal to keep Kaylie away from Stephan (an “f” sound – not the common “v” sound, thank you very much!).  Of course, Stephan had not seemed to care all that much about Kaylie’s plight, and had even forgotten to text her when he landed in Cabo.  She heard that bitch, Sarah, in the background when she called to make sure he had made it okay.  Kaylie had dreams about pulling out Sarah’s bleach blonde mass of hair by the roots, one painful strand at a time.

“Sam, can you show these two young lady’s to the Ponderosa cabin, please,” Betty called to someone behind the girls, who were now leaning on the high reception desk, suddenly fatigued.

“Yes, ma’am,” a deep voice answered, and Kaylie turned around and nearly gasped in appreciation at the tall, dark, handsome, muscular Adonis that was grabbing her Gucci suitcase, and flashing her a sexy, boyish grin.  As Kaylie walked behind the man, she decided in fairness to her father, she would give Spring Break in the Rockies a fighting chance.

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