Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 22 of the 250 Word Prompt

Power-writing session!  Officially caught up!  This one is dedicated to my daughter...as she starts her second semester of college.  

"Fresh out of college, you roll into a new town to start what you think is your dream job."

Amanda placed the key into the lock, and pushed open the door to her new apartment.  Well, it was new to her – but it was actually a renovated 1790 row house in downtown Annapolis.  She was on the top floor, and had negotiated a sweet deal with the landlord (so what, it was her mother that negotiated the deal, but Amanda had given the okay to go ahead with it).  She had wanted to live in one of these apartments since she moving into the area seven years ago.  

The cyclonic start to the year did not look as if it was going to slow down anytime soon.  She had finished up her college career across the bay, grinning at her proud, cheering family across the long grassy quad as she shook hands with the Dean.  During a semester study abroad in England in her sophomore year, she had scored an internship with the BBC.  They were so happy with her work, they offered her a summer job the next year.  As a graduation gift, she had been hired full-time to work on a mini-series about a family that leaves their home in England to find fortune in America during the 1800’s.  

Amanda had pitched the idea of the family moving to the quaint waterfront town of Annapolis, and to her surprise, the production team had scouted the area and agreed with her.  It seemed odd to her that she could have her dream job in the very town she had grown to love.  She never considered the two dreams were simpatico.

She moved across the apartment to the front window, and smiled as she watched the throngs of tourists pass, and decided that she would wait to unpack, and head down to the cupcake bakery on the first floor to celebrate her good fortune.

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