Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get you some of this!!!

Happy March!!  I am stealing an idea from my dear friend, and having a blog contest!  

Here is the deal:

I would like to get between 15-20 new followers during the month of March (okay, so I am starting a little early…I’m really excited!!!).  I am giving away free stuff if you help me!!  How awesome is that?!

The drawing will be random, but you can put your name in the proverbial hat many times in order to increase your chances of winning…here are the rules:

Follow my blog: Click follow on the side, and let me know in the comments that you are following me.

Share my blog on Facebook or Twitter:  You can do this many, many times.  And the more you do, the more often your name goes in the pot.  So, let me know in the comments when you share me, and whether it was on Facebook, Twitter, or both!  (or some other social media, such as SheWrites, etc.)

Add my blog to your blog:  If you link my blog to your blog, let me know!  If I have not already done so, I will add your blog to my “People I follow,” AND put your name in the hat for the winnings!!

Simple, right?  Want to know what you are playing for?

I have three gifts I will be giving away:

15 new followers:
1. A $20 gift card to
2. A $20 gift card to Starbucks
3. A $20 iTunes gift card

If I get 20 followers or more by the end of March, I will increase the gift cards to $30!  

So, share, share, share…and you may win, win, win!!!


  1. Excellent idea! I love blog hops! I found you on SheWrites!! I have a couple of blogs and I would love for you to join and be a part of them.

    I also shared you on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

  2. I love blog give-aways and these are beat prizes. I am already a happy follower and I enjoy your stories and the book reviews.

  3. OK - try "great" prizes. Sorry - my dog is trying to read my screen.