Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 5 of the 250 Word Prompt

"After one too many margaritas, you vow to your two best friends that you'll ask out the next guy who walks by."

“Okay, here's the bet, Paige Baby!  The next guy, no matter who he is, what he looks like, or how many chins he has – you will ask the poor sap out on a date!”  Maddie raises her glass, somewhat shakily, sloshing margarita over her wrist.

“Challenge accepted,” Paige calls out, rather loudly bringing looks from people sitting around them, encouraging another round of giggles from the three women, attempting to toast the agreement.

Thursday night happy hour had morphed into girls night out, as Ruby ordered yet another round of mango margaritas, slurring, “Drain your glasses, ladies!  Round 273 is on its way!”  She was only joking, of course.  Please let her be joking, Paige thought to herself but giggled out loud.  There was no reason to get home at a reasonable hour.  Paige lived alone – she had for the last three months, after her last boyfriend packed his bag, and left.  What the hell was his name?  she giggled again, the alcohol surging through her veins , replacing the blood that normally courses through her. 

Maddie’s eyes grow wide, and her mouth mimics the motion.  Paige and Ruby turn to see what has captured their friend’s attention, as the tall, drop dead gorgeous man with the damn-near-perfect body and masculine, chiseled features passes them, and takes up residency on a stool at the bar.
Ruby and Maddie slowly turn their eyes to Paige, when suddenly, the two women, Paige’s two best friends in the world, broke into fits of howling laughter.  Undeterred, Paige squares her shoulders, takes a deep breath, and downs the remainder of her drink.  Standing, she steadies herself, and makes her way to towards the man, sending up a silent prayer that a barstool is open next to him, as she nearly falls into it.  There is very little chance, in her current inebriated state, coupled with the fact that she rarely talked to men that were so obviously out of her league, that this stunning example of godliness would actually speak to her, let alone acquiesce to going out with her.  

Nothing ventured, nothing gained…


  1. This is really good! I could almost see the three ladies weaving about under the influence. :)

  2. Fun to read, nice flow. It was easy to put myself into the scene. I like those "okay-what-happened" endings.